Oysta Lone Worker

door Oysta Technology

Oysta Devices and Sensors provide monitoring and alerting to keep Lone Workers safe

Oysta Lone Worker is a device and platform solution to keep safe employees working alone or in dangerous locations. The solution comprises a personal device, a SIM and access to our SaaS platform, IntelliCare. The device has an SOS button for emergencies, a fall detector and amber alerts to automatically connect the user to a nominated alarm centre if there is a problem. 
Using IoT sensors and our IntellICare platform, business managers responsible for lone workers can manage devices, get pro-active alerts before problems actually happen and check status.

Companies with employees that work alone or in dangerous situations (for example security guards working along at night, construction workers on large sites) can benefit from this technology, as they have a legal duty of care to their employees, and the cost in time and money for an injured employee can be significant. Security companies and retail staff who may be at risk of robbery or attacks can also benefit from the ability to contact help in any emergency, and the automatic detection of potential problems

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