EnergyStacks Broker

door P3 group GmbH

Connect your EV Charging Stations and build your own solutions on top

[EnergyStacks is part of the P3 Group]

Revolutionize your Electric Vehicle Charging Network with our EnergyStacks Broker! Seamlessly connect your charging stations to a robust central management system, unlocking a world of possibilities for efficient charging operations. Our solution serves as a central communication hub, facilitating data exchange between charging stations and the central charging station management system. It ensures seamless integration and coordination of your whole charging network and connected backend systems.

We combine our expertise in EV charging protocols (OCPP, OCPI, etc.), charging hardware, coding skills and testing capabilities to create a services to help you to with your eMobility journey.
Some of our services include:
  • Advanced charging station analytics
  • Health monitoring of your charging infrastructure
  • Connect to various backends and 3rd party services in parallel
  • OCPP message logging
  • Variety of Interfaces & APIs, also including a well-documented API portal
  • Easy integration into PowerApps, PowerAutomate, Dynamics 365 and Azure to build low-code applications or automatise task.
  • Custom development of added services
  • ...and many more!

With our fully customizable integration layer services, we seamlessly integrate the EnergyStacks Broker into your IT ecosystem.
Our Broker ensures a future-proof and scalable solution for your specific charging needs.

Furthermore, validate your business case with a Proof of Concept in our state-of-the-art eMobility Lab in Germany, unlocking the potential of your EV Charging solutions.

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