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HoloDesk 3D collaboration platform

HoloDesk is a Software-as-a-Service website powered by Microsoft Azure. It allows you to upload and publish 3D content and invite partners to virtual workspaces. Apps for Microsoft HoloLens and other mobile devices enable users to view, annotate, and manipulate content in shared experiences, both locally and remotely. In a variety of sectors, companies are designing 3D models of built-to-spec products earlier and earlier in the design process. However, discussing change requirements, pinpointing exact locations in spatial models, and tracking modifications is inherently difficult and error-prone when working with two dimensional screens, leading to product delays and cost overruns. With HoloDesk, uploading 3D models of buildings, machinery, aircraft, or any other kind of product on the SaaS portal is painless. Within seconds, you invite partners and share the uploaded models with them. HoloDesk allows the users to view and discuss the models in a shared session. Users can create annotations in 3D models and attach workflows. Highlights:
  • Upload 3D models of various interchange formats
  • View and manipulate 3D assets in a web browser
  • Invite partners to shared sessions
  • Use Microsoft's cutting edge Mixed Reality technologies like HoloLens to view and manipulate 3D objects
  • Discuss 3D objects with built-in audio conference calls
  • Create annotations in 3D space to pinpoint issues
  • Attach workflows assign tasks and resolve issues as soon as possible

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