General Bots

Build Bots by using Excel and familiar tools, use code when you need it.

General Bots server accelerates the process of developing a bot. It provisions all code base, resources and deployment to the cloud, and gives you templates you can choose from when you create a bot. Much more like SharePoint, General Bots provides levels of customization, using Office tools like Excel, editing .json files and also using Visual Studio Code to provision code on Azure. People, small business and enterprise are willing to get their personal assistants thight to their day by day process and activities. So a bot server platform can easely delivery cloud value in form of bots helping people and business to get their things done with the easeness of a bot. Also, business rely on ominichannel approaches to reach customer needs. With General Bots and BOT Framework the omnichannel is a reality to modern communication pipelines backed by cognitive and advanced AI services provided on Azure. Their savings here is high comparing to their traditional not automated costs. Microsoft Bot Service was the foundation for the release of General Bots, just because there is no other cloud solution for bots that combines: the power of cognitive services, reliability of webservers and easiness of deployment like Azure does. Customers feel familiar with SQL Server and as the bot primary connector allow the Management Studio which is a free tool, to