Identity Protector

Preside Inc.

Azure Active Directory and Hybrid Azure Directory Backup and Recovery

Safeguarding your cloud hybrid identities has never been easier. There are conditions with Azure Active Directory and Active Directory where you can lose information about directory objects or even the whole objects themselves. The directory restore process can be time consuming and complex. In the event of many Azure Active Directory objects there is no recourse as certain object deletion is permanent. Objects that do have soft recovery require manual steps to rebuild properly. Identity Protector provides incremental backups and granular restores so you can target specific change events and recover those objects cleanly and completely. Need to recover an object that seems lost forever or just need to see what values attributes had prior to a certain point of time? No problem. Simply use our advanced search to target that information. Our product understands the hybrid relationship of objects and automatically restores and provides convergence between Azure Active Directory and Active Directory. This is an essential tool to IT identity operations and is built to make your job easier.