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An easy and intuitive tool, designed for mass generation of documents. Find out how simple it is!

ArthurDoc is designed both for internal business processes of a company and for client oriented processes. It enables generation of a single document as well as batch processing of hundreds of thousands of documents.
ArthurDoc facilitates the process of a document creation making it faster and automated ensuring content and form corectness.
The documents are generated based on the templates created with the use of widely available tools such as MS Office. The user matches the fields created in a template with the source data document fields.
There is a repository of templates embeded in the system with the mechanism enabling versioning and management of permissions.

- It is an intuitive and simple tool for mass and quick generation of documents.
- It is a scalable and safe cloudbase solution.
- The tool is easy to implement and possible to work in any organization.
- To create the templates of the documents no professional knowledge is recuired.

Getin Noble Bank
Idea Getin Leasing

High quality of the generated documents
Standarised view of the defined types of documents
Human error elimination
Time reduction on documents formating
Standarized graphic layout of the documents
Better data coherency
Flexibility in templates’s content management
Control over permissions to modify the generated documents

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