door Primesoft

The best app to store receipts.

MrReceipt is a free app available worldwide that helps users store receipts and control their budget. Thanks to MrReceipt there is no more problem with missing or fading receipts. The app keeps them safe, so you can use them when it's needed (e.g. when you need to file a complaint).

So if your wallet is a mess, scan all your receipts with the app and let us deal with:

  • keeping the receipts,

  • premembering about the return and end of warranty dates,

  • statistics of your monthly expenditure,

  • returns, claims or complaints.

Be calm and take it easy when you keep all your receipts and expenditure under control.

You can also grow your business with MrReceipt. Our app is a great opportunity for your brand to reach new customers using coupons, push notifications or customer loyalty schemes. Thanks to OCR technology that makes it possible to read all data from receipts, we can also create dedicated sales or marketing reports about products bought in Poland.

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