OCR by Primesoft

door Primesoft

Azure’s solution automatically recognizes meta data from different types of documents

Try it for free - multilingual application speeds up the process of data entering by analysis of the scanned document image.

Automatic recognition of text from document images using MS Azure. The OCR service automates the process of document registration. It takes place with a small effort and cost, eliminating tedious rewriting. With OCR you can be sure - you will not enter wrong data into the documents.


• Services installed on Microsoft Azure

• Automatic recognition of metadata from documents

• Various document types: invoice, insurance policy, traffic fine, receipt and others

• Various sources of entry the documents: mail, mobile, scanner

• Feedback data in a structured form

• Based on the result of the ocr service, you can run the full-text search engine

• Scalability of the solution

• API that allows you to run the service from different software solutions


• Time reducing of document processing

• No cost of infrastructure – SaaS model

• No license cost

• Pay as you go

• Full-text search


Bombardier, eMAG, Credit Agricole, Baxter, Alpla, Hama, Burda International, De Dietrich, International Tobacco Machinery Poland, e.t.c

„Implementation of OCR technology and integration with the ERP system resulted in a reduction in document handling time and administrative costs as well as optimization of processes related to purchases and settlements.” Anton Sotrel, Member of the Board, ALPLA

„We hereby confirm the use of the mobile application in the field of automatic data acquisition from vehicle registration documents and European Traffic Tickets using OCR technology by Primesoft Polska.” Irena Szymańska, Director of Customer Service Department, EFL, Credit Agricole Group

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