PROS Real Time Dynamic Pricing (RTDP)

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Manage High Volumes, Control Offers Across Channels and Grow Revenue with PROS RTDP

PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing

Scalable, accurate availability across all channels to drive conversions and reduce revenue leakage.
Without the ability to apply availability strategies in real-time to convert customers and protect revenue, it’s impossible for airlines to have full control and flexibility of their products and how they’re sold across channels. PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing is designed to combat the challenges surrounding availability so that airlines can take back control.
Confidently apply pricing strategies and fare adjustments, and increase bookability with accurate availability across channels, even down to last-seat availability. Eliminate dependency on real-time inventory data feeds and reduce revenue leaks from stale availability data.
Power airline retailing by syncing availability with AI-powered dynamic pricing and start the journey to offers and orders today.

What Makes PROS Real-Time Dynamic Pricing Different

• Compute seat availability in real-time and dynamically applies biases – or strategies – to enable offer optimization
• Flexibility and control over offers and channels
• A single source of truth for availability and pricing; eliminating sell discrepancies and inaccuracies
• Optimized revenue around inventory
• Share availability seamlessly with interline and code-share partners
• Present consistent, real-time pricing across all channels dynamically (metasearch, OTAs, etc.)
• Start the transition to offers and orders by reducing dependencies on legacy systems

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