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Cloud based configuration management for Kepware connectivity servers

What does SaaS mean for Industrial Connectivity?
Software as a Service (SaaS) for industrial automation presents an enormous opportunity to manage industrial assets at scale to save time and cost while optimizing productivity. For connected enterprises, a single interface across the industrial automation landscape means that individual devices can be managed remotely and securely. Kepware+ is the management tool that offers a single, simple, modern configuration experience.

Configuration for process control and device connectivity can be painstaking; Kepware+ streamlines managing industrial connectivity at-scale. Unlike other web clients and connectivity solutions, Kepware+ is built alongside industry-leading Kepware server, providing easy access to remotely configure and manage connected equipment across the enterprise. It delivers the quality, security and interoperability that OT organizations need and that IT organizations demand.

Advantages of Hybrid SaaS Industrial Connectivity Software
Key capabilities of configuring industrial connectivity in a SaaS environment offer benefits beyond traditional architectures and deployments. Adding value to administrators and projects across engineering domains, divisions, and production lines, Kepware+ helps to increase operational efficiency by removing barriers intrinsically related to conventional ‘on-premise’ management activities associated with individual protocols and devices.

Reduce Overhead Cost

Waiting for on-premise access or expertise can be costly. Single points of failure are introduced when production and configuration calibration is reliant on “boots on the ground.” SaaS-based capabilities for key workflows ensure that optimization can happen 24/7.

Embedded Best Practices

Leverage out of the box features with a modernized look and feel in an extensible environment. With built-in best practices and standards, spend less time validating software and integrations, and more time creating value.

Secure Access Points

Mitigate remote access challenges or security concessions often introduced by tools like Remote Desktop. Established infrastructure and edge agent technology enable secure anywhere-access without added risk.

Learn more about Kepware+.

Learn more about Kepware.

Kepware+ is available for transaction through PTC's Digital Thread Bundle. To learn more, please contact PTC.

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