Vuforia Studio

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Vuforia Studio - a Solution to Modernize Training and Workforce Instructions

Vuforia Studio
Improve workforce efficiency with immersive, hands-free mixed reality experiences. Bringing Mixed Reality to Life.

Vuforia Studio and Microsoft HoloLens:
Vuforia Studio unleashes the power of Microsoft HoloLens with the fastest, most cost-effective mixed reality authoring solution available. With Vuforia’s visual drag-and-drop authoring environment, users can quickly create immersive HoloLens interactions without the need for sophisticated tools, skilled programming, or custom designers. Enterprises can leverage these technologies to transform operations across business functions.
• Visual product companions and digitalized showrooms enhance sales and marketing efforts
• Collaborative design review expedites the process while reducing costs
• Step-by-step instructions for service, assembly, or inspection empower technicians with better information
• Improved training materials and methods optimize employee productivity

Vuforia Studio is available for transaction through PTC's Digital Thread Bundle. To learn more, please contact PTC.

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