Quasar IoT blockchain payments

door Quantoz Blockchain Services BV

QUASAR enables instant and compliant IoT payments that easily integrate into your financial systems.

QUASAR enables instant and compliant IoT payments that easily integrate into your existing financial systems.

QUASAR is a cost efficient private blockchain solution that connects the 'Internet of Things' economy with the traditional financial systems. By providing digital wallets to IoT devices, these devices can make and receive payments with minimal transaction costs and at high speeds.

QUASAR is designed and built especially for corporate use and is operated by a consortium of corporates. With transaction fees of <€0,0001, processing rates of approximately 1.000 transactions per second and confirmation times within 5 seconds, corporates can create completely new business models with their IoT devices.

Key benefits

  • Fast payments - QUASAR IoT payments are instantaneous and irreversible (1.000 transactions per second and <5 second confirmation times)
  • Extremely low transaction fees - Transaction fees are <€0,0001 per transaction, enabling micropayments
  • Easy to integrate - Our solution easily integrates into your existing financial applications with a comprehensive set of APIs

 Key features

  • QUASAR allows you to set up your own virtual private payment network. Such a network can operate as a prepaid model, as a credit card model or as a mix of these models.
  • QUASAR does not use cryptocurrencies, but instead uses digital fiat currencies like Euros or Dollars. All (micro) transactions are aggregated into one (daily, weekly or monthly) SEPA transaction and can than be further processed within the traditional financial system.
  • IoT payments need to comply with regulation. QUASAR has an account role model called QBIC that enforces compliant transactions. It does so by assigning roles to each account and enforcing the direction of payments between these accounts.
  • Devices have their own digital wallets and hence are financially included into QUASAR. Through these wallets, these devices also get their own identity. QUASAR’s APIs and SDKs ensure fast and easy integration into your existing financial systems. Our processes are audited.
  • Our patented protocol SPUR (Secure Payments with Unsafe Relay) enables payments to devices that are not connected to the internet. SPUR is integrated into QUASAR.


The Internet of Things has the power to change your industry and create radically new ways in which you can monetize your products and services. We help you harness that power so you can turn any IoT device into a monetized service!

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