Real-Time Customer View Capability

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Redpoint Customer Engagement Hub

<p>The always-connected-consumer wants it all: hyper-personalized interactions that reflect their unique needs, preferences, and styles at their speed. RedPoint’s data-driven technology now aligns your customer’s experience with these expectations, delivering your brand promise with high contextual relevance across all touchpoints. Utilizing RedPoint’s Customer Data Platform and Customer Interaction Platform, businesses are empowered to tap into all data sources, structured and unstructured, while resolving anonymous to known customer identities. RedPoint’s Customer Engagement Hub truly allows for data driven and informed customer interactions.</p>

<b>Real-Time Customer View Capability</b>

<p>Redpoint’s real-time customer view capability allows marketers and businesses to easily access a single view of activity across all touchpoints. RedPoint brings together 1st, 2nd, and 3rd party data to enable organizations to generate a comprehensive and visual single view, which includes previous channel interactions across the customer journey, key customer metrics, device usage, contact frequency, marketing mix, and various other areas. RedPoint’s real-time customer view capability is built upon Microsoft Azure and Cortana Analytics to provide intelligent recommendations that empower organizations to take the next-best-action for each customer. </p>

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