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Helping teachers to give more and better feedback on students’ texts in less time

Revisely makes it easy for teachers to give more and better feedback on texts to students in less time. This is especially useful for correcting essays, letters and papers more effectively, giving teachers of all subjects a comfortable tool that saves time correcting texts. Both student and teacher also benefit from reporting and benchmarking tools.

  • Revisely helps teachers to save 20% of time on correction tasks
  • Documents can be about any subject and have any form, such as essays, papers and letters
  • The tool supports teachers during the entire process of setting, correcting, marking, grading and giving feedback on assignments
  • Optional built-in plagiarism-checker by Urkund
  • Teachers use our tool to easily add observations and feedback to the students’ documents, using Revisely’s built-in comment sets or writing their own re-usable comments
  • The peer grading option allows students to give feedback on each other’s documents
  • Revisely’s correction tool works online in the web browser, no installation required, and can be used on desktops, laptops, tablets and iPads

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