Digitising the atmosphere from surface to space

DECISIONX is a revolutionary digital twin of the entire Earth’s atmosphere from ground-level to Low Earth Orbit, enabling a suite of high-impact applications in sectors ranging from commercial aviation to defence and intelligence, developed in collaboration with leading stakeholders such as Emirates Airline, Airbus and Safran.

SATAVIA’s DECISIONX technology utilises numerical weather modelling, satellite observational data, and global asset-tracking to provide high-quality, high-resolution, global-scale, and easily accessible atmospheric data, generating unique insight into localised conditions anywhere, anytime, and from surface to space. 

DECISIONX is built upon numerical weather prediction modelling, performing approximately 100 algorithmic computations at hyperscale over 4 billion model cells every 30 seconds to provide data on more than 26 meteorological parameters, and generating around 1 quadrillion (1000 trillion) computations per simulation day. DECISIONX enables decision-making (DX) across five dimensions of space, time, and probability, creating unique and unpara