Novac Axle Learning Management System

door Shriram Value Services Limited

Cloud-based Learning Management Platform Built with Result-oriented Features

Axle e-Learning System is a well-rounded solution developed to accommodate an organization's learning and development needs while cutting down the training costs and effects. It enables businesses to enrol significant users into their workforce training programs and access the designated course of programs with a host of informative videos, manuals, and documents.

Axle LMS is carefully curated to suit the needs of your training goals while increasing employees’ learning skills and retention.

Features of Axle:

With Novac Learning's Axle LMS, the organization can bring in efficient functionalities to prevent overhead costs and can upgrade your workforce training needs with high-quality digital learning content armed with the following features.

Facile Learning Management

Axle LMS contains seamless course and activity management that handles employees' certifications, adds new courses in various formats, uses authoring tools, and tracks individual employees' activities.

Learning Engagement Tools

Training courses can be a blend of several interactive tools that can engage and maintain the learner's attention to the course. Axle LMS employs various course methodologies like ILT/VILT, micro-learning, and immersive learning.


Axle LMS's content and courses can be accessed from anywhere, anytime, with a dedicated app that enables learners to go through assets and train on a particular topic or look up a concept during the job at their own pace.

Integration and Scalability

Axle LMS's open architecture allows seamless compatibility with various enterprise tools, third-party apps, API, and more to support its scalability to a broader user base.

Learning Analytics

The in-built learning analytics in the Axle LMS allows your organization to get insights about individual learners' performance and get to know about the course's impact on the employees through their productivity and other factors.


Axle LMS contains a dedicated support team to assist your organization's L&D team in overseeing and resolving any technical issues that may arise in the training courses.

Authoring Tools

Authoring tools can create training courses with built-in assessments and interactive courses. As your organization grows, the authoring tools can provide the tools required to develop a course to meet its training needs.

Blended Learning

Blended learning brings traditional instructor-led training and eLearning courses onto a single platform that meets the employees' training needs, allowing them to reach their full potential in training and concepts.

Axle LMS offers effective and visually engaging training content to meet the business objectives and the learning needs of employees. Our experiences empower and drive performance, delivering consistent results across the training process.

Other Features of Axle

Offline Learning

Platform/Course Evaluation

Learning Path Management

Cloud /On-premise hosting



Adaptive Learning

Access Management

Help and Support




GDPR Support

Social and Collaborative Learning

Learning Path Management

User Interface

Event Calendar


Catalogue Management


Content Management

Mobile App

Benefits of Axle:

Improve employee performance

Customized training courses

Improved productivity

Efficient Monitoring

End-to-end training sessions

Improved customer satisfaction

Timely Feedbacks

Social learning strategies

Reduced cost of training and resources

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