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Professionally present and share your marketing and sales documents online.

Reach Today's Digital Customer

Turn your print marketing collateral into online collateral you can post, pin, share, email, and embed anywhere.

We're always sharing documents. When we share those documents, however, the experience for our reader is cumbersome and mediocre. Our documents are often data-hungry downloads that end up being presented in a flat, unengaging way. We decided to challenge this assumption. We created Simplebooklet to solve three simple problems:

  • Digital documents always come out looking stale and static on a digital device. Simplebooklet transforms your document into a lightweight, professional-looking booklet that is a joy to flip through.
  • Sharing on multiple platforms across multiple devices is a pain – we help you transform your document once and then share it instantly across multiple services.
  • Most document viewing experiences are clumsy and take forever – We’ve optimized the experience so your simplebooklet is presented as an interactive, engaging document from a single, dedicated URL.

No hosting, no bandwidth, no hassle. As a web app, you login, make, share, and analyze your simplebooklet all from any browser. And you are constantly getting updates and the latest capabilities as long as you have an account.

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