Increase engagement with curated content and amplify organic reach through employee advocacy

Socxo helps organizations achieve the perfect blend of branded, industry, and User-Generated Content (UGC), for highly effective internal and external communications. It is a fully gamified platform providing deep insights around social media reach, content performance, engagement, and lead generation.

Socxo advocacy platform helps brands to engage & empower its employees and partners to share content for:

Social Selling                                    - Drive Authentic Brand Conversations / Engagement & Leads

Employer Branding                          - Amplify Company Culture & make it a Great Place to Work

Brand Awareness                             - Create continuous visibility for the Company, Brand & Products

Personal Branding                            - Improve Social Persona of Employees as Brand Advocates

Social Hiring                                     - Attract & hire quality talent through strong references

Employee Communication              - Communicate instantly & directly with stakeholders

Employee Engagement                   - Empower & Engage Employees with knowledge & information