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All-in-1 Corporate Innovation Management System with configurable workflow.

About SoftServe
SoftServe is a digital authority operating at the cutting edge of technology. We reveal, transform, accelerate, and optimize the way enterprises and software companies do business. With expertise across healthcare, retail, media, financial services, manufacturing, and software, we implement end-to-end solutions, delivering the innovation, quality, and speed that our clients’ users expect.

Get Innovation Done!
SoftServe Innovation Platform (TM) is a true, end-to-end business solution enabling all-inclusive ideation, prototype design, and market testing before building a winning product. Our global team of innovation experts help you get the most from our interconnected modules to ensure innovation success, and turn your best ideas into dollars.

Innovate on the go with our native Android and iOS apps.

Bring up challenges and generate ideas on how to solve these challenges together with your teams, clients, or partners. Run open innovation challenges or real-time hackathons to engage external communities.

Create, collect, discuss, and prioritize ideas—then store and share files. Invite both internal and external partners and customers to create, discover, contribute, and problem-solve.

Systematically refine your ideas into market-validated concepts ready for implementation. Verify your concepts, assumptions, and market feasibility through an iterative process. Run experiments, collect feedback, analyze results, and refine the concept from a singular point.

Accelerate the implementation and maintenance of your idea. Create a well-planned approach the drives outcomes and value for your business. Deliver the best customer experience, with the highest quality solution, in the most efficient way.

Understand your Innovation Portfolio trends and company Experimentation Velocity. Leverage analytics from previous projects to avoid learning the same lessons twice. Innovation Platform delivers advanced data at each stage of the process for greater insights to reveal untapped possibilities and make the data-driven changes to the company Innovation Process.

Key Features
- Innovation Templates
- Customizable Workflows
- Innovation Portfolio Management
- Business Objectives Tracking
- Idea Templates and Metrics

At a glance:
- Flexible Voting functionality
- Innovation Decision Making
- Chat Integrations & Communication
- Validation Templates
- Validation of Hypothesis
- Run Validation Experiments
- Deliver/Idea Implementation Module
- Analytics
- Gamification

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