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PYRACLOUD PLATFORM - Optimize Your Azure Environment.

Are you currently considering or managing an Azure environment? PyraCloud platform provides insights to help customers decide on the most cost effi cient cloud resource. Once the decision is made, customers can transact, provi-sion and manage the overall spend of the cloud resources.Using the Decision Calculator, organizations can describe the resource requirements such as compute, availability, network, storage, OS and region and the Decision Calculator will pro-vide the best options from a cost perspective. SoftwareONE teams are available through a click-to-chat to get additional details on the cloud resources under review. Once the optimal resources are identifi ed, an organization can transact directly with SoftwareONE.Using the customer approved cloud resources, SoftwareONE will create the customer‘s environment (Tenant).PyraCloud platform provides complete visibility into your Azure environment to manage the overall spend as well as forecast and budget future spend. The Azure consumption dashboard starts at the highest level providing a view of all your Azure resources - current spend and future trends. The view can be modifi ed to look at monthly spend or a specifi c time period. Additionally, resources can be tagged to build billing reports by business unit and departmental chargebacks.PYRACLOUD PLATFORM PyraCloud enables organizations to implement a comprehen-sive software and cloud portfolio management methodology reducing the overall spend and driving innovation. PyraCloud platform analyzes a vast amount of data to help customers make the best decisions for on-premises and cloud software spend. Using this data and enriching it withcustomer entitlements, inventory and consumption, the PyraCloud platform provides insights and manages the entire software lifecycle reducing spend.As organizations transition to the cloud, the PyraCloud Platform helps customers assess the best options for cloud resources. PyraCloud then provides a holistic view of all cloud resources across multiple cloud providers. This allows organi-zations to effectively manage the current spend, forecast and budget for future cloud consumption.