ARIS Enterprise

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Build on the market leading business transformation software ARIS Enterprise.

You’ll definitely want ARIS Enterprise for establishing a full-scale process excellence program with the complete ARIS capability stack. Find out why and how, maximizing your business process potential.

Time to grow at scale

It doesn’t matter how large (or small) your company size is – today or tomorrow. Why? Because ARIS Enterprise will scale and grow right along with you. Thanks to features and benefits of role-based access, social collaboration streams and focused management dashboards, ARIS Enterprise invigorates and empowers your entire organization throughout the whole transformation journey from strategy to execution.

Ready to adapt and individualize?

Require special customizations with a unique corporate design or third-party integrations? You have options with new use cases, such as ARIS Process Mining, Risk & Compliance, SAP® implementation, and simulation.

Start analyzing and visualizing!

Then decide on your direction through new insights gained via ARIS Enterprise as you fully analyze your repository. You do this via the query feature, sharing your KPI analysis with easy dashboard features.

Begin governing, end to end, all your processes!

You now have the power to link your world-class processes with world-class management, cementing enterprise-wide BPM policies and automating governance workflows with ease. The flexibility you’ll have makes it easy to tackle even the most complex approval processes.