AI Customer Intelligence for Dynamics


Know Your Customers - AI Solution for Reducing Churn

Now you can react sooner and stop some of your customers from leaving, satisfy existing ones, and also, thanks to all insights – get new customers. Find out which customers are loyal, which ones want to leave, how often they are interested in your products, and how much they spend.

Customer Intelligence allows for very detailed grouping and description of customers to draw conclusions for the future, notice mistakes in earlier strategy planning, and plan the most effective marketing campaigns closely related to customer needs. RFM+ is a data modeling method created by Data Courage, used to analyze the value of each customer.

Customer Intelligence allows you to monitor and prevent churn. This way you can find out which customers are no longer satisfied with the service and will leave, and more importantly - why. By combining Churn analysis with RFM+, you will not only know that they will leave but what the behavior or characteristics of the customer influenced that decision. The last, completely innovative analysis is ‘Next Purchase Day’, which allows you to predict the next purchase. Thanks to this, you will be able to make decisions about a marketing or sales strategy, e.g. if the customer will definitely buy something, there is no point in doing a promotion. However, if the customer does not plan to buy - you will be able to direct your funds and resources to him to convince him to do so. What’s also important? You don’t need to be a technical person to understand all of it. The interface is extremely user-friendly. You can easily view your customers on the map in terms of the country or city from where they are making their purchases. By combining all these analyzes, you will be able to make decisions about the company's strategy based on hard data (we aggregate data from various sources).

  • Classification of clients
  • Client migrations
  • Churn alerts
  • Customer groups comparison
  • Drilling through customer details
  • Recommendation mechanism

Customer Intelligence from Data Courage increases customer loyalty, improves sales efficiency, and helps build a more relatable persona for any brand. It is a comprehensive solution that will allow you to get to know your customers thoroughly, and thus make decisions faster and more effectively.