Bloomflow (Flat Fee)


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Frictionless innovation. Collaborative success.

Bloomflow is the innovation management platform empowering large enterprises to thrive in today’s rapidly changing business landscape. On average clients accelerate innovation time to market x3, eliminate redundant initiatives, and double business impact.

Manage the entire innovation cycle from ideas to successful projects

No need to juggle between many tools anymore. Bloomflow offers a unified enterprise platform where all your innovation activities come together. From collecting ideas, intelligent scouting, to partners relationships and projects management, we’ve got you covered!

Rely on a qualified and dynamic partner relationship database

Break down data silos. With all the information you need about companies, people, or projects in one place, managing your external relationships has never been easier. Bloomflow shared portfolios increase efficiency, foster collaboration, and ensure traceability.

Remove frictions and automate processes

Innovation projects often fail due to manual tasks and complex data management. With Bloomflow, automation and AI make efficiency the cornerstone of your innovation practices. Remove friction to focus on what really counts.

Gain intelligent insights to pilot ideas, partners, and projects

Say goodbye to the lack of visibility and measurable impact. Bloomflow dashboards provide a holistic view of your innovation projects and ecosystems. Track progress against KPIs, identify successes and bottlenecks, and drive strategic decisions.

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