SC Tech Systems: Industrial IoT Made Accessible

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We deliver 80% of the value of an enterprise system at less than 20% of the cost & complexity.

At SC Tech, we pride ourselves in making Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) technologies truly accessible to SMBs looking to benefit from advanced digital tools without having access to enterprise-level resources. Easy to adopt, straightforward to use – we deliver 80 percent of the power of the enterprise systems at less than 20 percent of the cost and complexity.

Bridging the Industrial IoT resource gap

Most of us have read articles and marketing materials about how big companies are doing amazing things with AI using automated asset and shipment tracking with algorithms and sensors.

When someone from a small or mid-market company sees these use cases, their reaction almost always is “that is not us.”

Lack of access to big budgets forces them to watch from the sidelines while their larger, powerful competitors reap the benefits of these technologies.

At SC Tech, we’ve got the solution they are looking for. Our SaaS system makes advanced technologies truly accessible.

Our system:

  • Is customizable to fit your needs.
  • Adapts to your processes.
  • Can address numerous inefficiencies and frustrations.
  • Does not over-solve the problem.

Key features and benefits of SC Tech Systems:

Address error-prone and time-consuming manual processes through automation.

  • Eliminate paper and spreadsheets with sensors, digital forms, and system integration tools.
  • Integrate with existing systems to eliminate data silos and improve visibility.
  • Use algorithms and data models to optimize asset use, maintenance, and workflows.
  • Our system offers advanced technologies without requiring extensive company resources.
  • We provide a tailored solution that adapts to customers' specific needs.
  • Benefits include reducing errors and task time, improving timeliness, real-time alerts, eliminating uncertainty, and providing actionable data access throughout the organization.

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