StrongPoint E-Commerce Last Mile

door StrongPoint

StrongPoint Last Mile solution for flexible pick up of online orders, including smart lockers.

StrongPoint Last Mile solution offers several modules for flexible pick up of online orders. The retailer can select the delivery modules that best fits the needs of the retailer and offer great customer service.

StrongPoint´s Delivery Manager is the part of the Last Mile solution that takes over after the picking is done to ensure that the perfectly picked order now reaches the customer in the best way. The cloud-based software handles all the communication with both the customer and the retailer personal, ensuring that the customer receives the best possible service when receiving/picking up the order.


The solution offers several delivery modules:

·        Click & Collect - Smart Lockers

·        Pick up in store

·        Drive True - CAR

·        Home Delivery - Route Manager

StrongPoint´s Click & Collect lockers offers the perfect way for retailer to provide greater flexibility in the Last Mile offering – all while reducing the logistics costs and being able to offer 24/7 services. In today’s world where the request for contactless deliveries grow, both due to convenience and out of necessity, safe and convenient transition of goods without human interaction is crucial to meet your customers’ needs.

Our grocery lockers have three temperature zones, frozen, chilled and ambient and have a solid, flexible and modular design. The StrongPoint lockers are available for both outdoor and indoor usage.

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