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Digitize paper-based logbooks and forms while complying to GMP.

Manufacturing operations are facing various challenges such as long cleanups & changeovers, unpredictable downtimes, variable labor performance and ever-changing production schedules. Manual & incomplete data collection, limited & cumbersome performance tracking are further preventing decision-makers from taking the right actions at the right time. Digital Factory cloud solutions, powered by IoT and advanced analytics, help manufacturers quickly & cost-effectively digitize their performance tracking, production scheduling, and log keeping activities via integrated solutions like OEE Tracker, Scheduler, Digital Logbook, and Labor Tracker.

Digital Factory | Digital Logbook helps address difficult and costly processes for maintaining hundreds of logbooks and forms to comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements. Digital Logbook replaces any kind of paper-based logs or forms with digital counterparts while complying with GMP. With secure, audit-ready, and easy to maintain digital logs, you can access & analyze your data instantly, save time, and achieve better security.

Maintain, archive, analyze logs digitally

  • Easy data collection & approval mechanism with configurable role management
  • Real-time visibility & access to digital logs unlike conventional paper-based logbooks
  • Instant analysis of historical data and actionable insights via reports

Comply with GMP

  • Achieve audit-ready archives and transparent digital logs
  • Obtain better security with digital authentication
  • Unlock accountability with e-signatures for additional security and higher compliance

Achieve high ROI within a few weeks

  • Reduce cost of managing versions of logbooks / forms
  • Improve security and reduce risks (e.g. detecting anomalies)
  • Decrease manual data collection & analysis efforts

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