Synigo Pulse Digital Workplace & Social Intranet


Looking for a personalized up-to-date social intranet & digital workplace for Office 365?

You will love Office 365 with Synigo Pulse.

Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is user-friendly and ready to use in 1 day. Synigo Pulse for Office 365 increases employee satisfaction and stimulates collaboration. You save costs on the implementation with this turn-key solution and engage employees to share their expertise.

Synigo Pulse has won the Best Digital Workplace award in the category UX Design, personalization and Content Distribution at Intra.NET Reloaded Berlin.

Tired of wasting valuable time to find work and corporate information? Synigo Pulse offers employees a central portal where they can find everything they need to work effectively: tasks, agenda, KPI with PowerBI, notifications, applications from any source (web, Citrix and RDS), company news, and groups. Let users love their workplace with this user-friendly solution for Office 365.

Don’t let your colleagues struggle with understanding the great communication and collaboration tools of Office 365. Make Office 365 easy to use and boost the user adoption with Synigo Pulse.

Small steps can make a big difference. Synigo Pulse for Office 365 let you decide when and what to introduce to your end-users. A great way to guide your digital transformation at your organization’s pace.

Stop losing time and costs due to custom development of your intranet. Start configuring instantly, no coding needed. Focus on the end user, not on a technical solution.

Help your colleagues not to forget tasks and action. Work smarter with tasks and notifications from Office 365 and other systems (CRM, ERP, LMS, etc.) thanks to the Pulse API. Integrate meaningful data from your business systems.

Synigo Pulse for Office 365 is a web application that is connected to an Office 365 environment (Azure AD and the Graph). Synigo Pulse is suitable for mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop. Synigo Pulse works with all modern web browsers.

Synigo Pulse is integrated with solutions in the Office 365 suite. Thanks to the flexibility of the cloud, it’s a highly scalable solution, ready to grow with you when you’re ready. Synigo Pulse is the front end of your digital transformation.

With Synigo Pulse you can

  • Personalise your workplace
  • Interact with colleagues using the familiar Office 365 tools (Teams, Groups, Yammer)
  • Professionalise internal communication and collaboration
  • Boost the adoption of Office 365
  • Work with documents
  • Present relevant tasks and notifications from other business systems
  • Publish expertise and knowledge
  • Open applications no matter their source (web, Citrix, RDS and local)

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