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Quris - Clinical Guidelines


Clinical guidelines, protocols and pathways accessed via web, mobile, online and offline.


Getting the right information to clinicians at the right time and place is an ongoing challenge in healthcare.   When supportive information is available to clinicians at the right time, and place the result is that patients are safer, staff feel supported and comfortable with their decision making, and the organization remains in compliance with their policies and outside regulators.    


Quris® is a platform to support clinicians by making information such local guidelines, handbooks, protocols, algorithms, pathways, medical calculators, scoring tools and checklists/forms available through a mobile app (iOS/Android) and via the web, secured through your existing enterprise login if required.   
Quris® also improves communication with clinicians by providing a feedback mechanism as well as with notifications and alerts to ensure rapid and measurable communication of important changes to guidance and policy, as well as allowing leadership to quickly communicate urgent messages to teams. 


Clinicians can find, access and be assured that what they are looking at is quality reviewed, up-to-date and tailored to their clinical decision making needs. Using Quris®, decision support at point of care is significantly faster, massively simpler and far more robust through than traditional intranet solutions or printed equivalents. 
Resources can be re-used from existing intranets and/or created directly within Quris® using standardized templates, providing rigor and quality assurance to editorial activities. Configurable editorial processes ensure governance requirements, such as Joint Commission, ACGME, etc. can be easily met, with resources able to be shared across the entire organization, specific departments or even individual staff groups. 
Quris® integrates with all major Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems, and is built using the latest industry standards (SMART app, CDS-Hooks, FHIR, AGREE II). For organizations focused on quality, innovation and clinician support, Quris® is your first choice.