Teleopti WFM (Azure Workforce Management)

Teleopti AB

Teleopti WFM allows contact centers, to forecast, optimize and monitor customer service operations.

In today’s business environment, engaging with customers through multiple communication channels is fully established. Email, chat and social media growing in importance alongside more traditional phone services.
Workforce Management tools allow contact center managers to effectively optimize operations whilst targeting desired customer satisfaction and engagement. A modern WFM solution must be able to

  • Accurately forecast multiple media types, including phone, email and chat across many skills
  • Optimize the allocation of work across the day, incorporating differing working contracts, time zones and regulations with respect to multi-channel operations.
  • Create a modern work place, which empowers employees to deliver high service levels
  • Utilize the latest technology and methodologies such as IA and machine learning to drive accuracy and productivity.

All this needs to be delivered through a modern, intuitive interface, which takes full advantage of mobile and web technologies, and which can scale easily. Teleopti WFM achieves these goals based on the Microsoft Azure cloud services platform. This allows value creation through evolution of business process’ to directly target and improve customer service KPIs.

Backoffice and retail environments have also benefited from Teleopti WFM, allowing managers to improve the efficiency of resource usage, deliver better working practice, and drive customer satisfaction.