Re:Call Mobile Call Recording

door Teleware Plc

Eliminate the need for two phones

What is Re:Call?
Re:Call is a business communication app which enables employees to use their personal mobile phone to make and receive business calls and SMS. This improves the employee experience as it removes the need for a business phone entirely, giving employees the ability to use their own device, which is their device of choice.
How it works
Re:Call is delivered via an application which overlays the users existing mobile airtime contract. A second number is provided to make and receive calls and texts from Re:Call. If required, existing business mobile numbers can be ported to Re:Call. 
The user simply downloads Re:Call from the App Store or Google Play and logs in to the app using their credentials. 
Once installed, the Re:Call app sits alongside the mobile devices native dialler and can be accessed by the user for any calls and SMS messages. For users wishing to use Re:Call to record calls and SMS, all recordings are stored securely in the Microsoft Azure cloud and are immediately available for retrieval and replay via a web based portal.
Benefits at a glance:
  • Allows employees to use their phone of choice
  • No need to change mobile supplier as app is added to phone
  • Provides a fully functional second number with separate phonebook and voicemail
  • Existing business number can be retained
  • Do not disturb function to help manage work/life balance
  • Collaborate safely and securely with instant and group messaging
  • Recording can be added if required

Re:Call is not a VOIP telephony application, but uses your mobile provider's network, meaning that calls can be made and received in the absence of a data connection.

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