TAMM (Terranova Advanced Metering Management)


TAMM is the Utility Digital Enablement Platform for smart metering in gas, water and power sector

TAMM (Terranova Advanced Metering Management), with more than 4 million smart meters already managed, is the market leading software suite that brings the benefits of smart metering to the gas, electricity and water sector.

TAMM is the Digital Enablement Platform for smart metering specifically designed for Utilities, it is device agnostic and can manage over 100 models of smart meter and concentrator types.

TAMM streamlines all the smart metering processes: data collection, repository optimization, commands execution, diagnostics analysis, alarms management, VEE (validation, estimation, editing), on-site devices configuration and much more.

This is achieved by utilising the latest developments in artificial intelligence, cloud technology, integrability features and security practice to make existing processes automatic and autonomous.

Choose TAMM as part of your digitalisation journey and encourage greater innovation, reduce costs and unlock new business value.

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