Tignis Mechanical Asset Performance Management (mAPM)

Tignis, Inc.

Improve reliability and availability of physical assets in complex industrial mechanical systems.

Tignis provides an Azure-based SaaS solution, leveraging IIoT and Advanced Analytics, to monitor, understand, and diagnose connected mechanical systems. Tignis mAPM enables cross device platform visibility and analysis of potentially vast amounts of data without requiring the customer to install new or additional sensors. Tignis’ unique physics-driven analytics yield earlier and more accurate fault detection detection, and mAPM’s rich digital twin user experience accelerates diagnosis. By leveraging both the historical and current IIoT sensor data available in the environment, Tignis enables the monitoring of physical industrial assets, processes and operations

Tignis’ new approach to reliability combines physics-driven monitoring, digital twin technology and advanced analytics (AI/ML) to enable the monitoring of these complex systems for customers in Manufacturing, Pharma, HVACR, Smart-Buildings, Oil and Gas, Utilities, Food and Beverage and more. Benefits include, improved asset uptime, improved reliability and availability of assets, risk mitigation and increased safety, increased asset longevity, reduction of maintenance costs, improved energy efficiency, rapid results/time to value, reduction of unplanned downtime, faster root cause analysis (RCA), advanced notice of potential failures, precise recommendations and more reliable/accurate fault detection and reduction in false positives (or "noise" in the data).