Track'em Lite - Assets and Materials Tracking

door Trackem-US

Tracking Solution for Mining and Oil & Gas Industry to Track Assets and Materials in one Platform,

We track everything you need to get the job done across the construction, operation and maintenance lifecycle.

Track’em provides a cloud-based platform for tracking the supply chain life cycle of assets, materials, tools, consumables and even people.
We are focused on enabling operational visibility and control to improve costs, productivity and asset uptime.

Asset Tracking - Track and Optimise Asset Utilisation

  • All your latest asset information is available to you. Instantly.
  • Label and scan using your phone or scanner and get the latest information.
  • Get asset information such as name, manufacturer, model number, available quantity, etc.
  • Obtain technical asset details and allowed limits.
  • See who’s checked in and checked out an asset. Who is the current custodian?
  • Check the location and movements of your equipment.
  • Check the status and obtain inspection details and dates. Get notified when inspections are due.
  • Get full insight into running times, mileage, engine hours and plant and equipment usage.
  • Full asset configuration available. We’ll help you set it up to your requirements.

Materials Tracking - Track and Optimise Materials

  • Materials Management and Tracking Software for capital-intensive construction projects.
  • Cloud-based setup with access to real-time data.
  • Manage multiple projects, sites, and locations.
  • Provide project controls and subcontractors with tools that accurately show when materials will be available for construction.
  • Track your materials across the globe.
  • Locate items on a map. Accurate enough to manage laydown yard placements and on-site movements.
  • Track’em connects with any tracking technology that identifies items (GPS, barcodes, RFID, Bluetooth, etc.). Set up the tracking hardware most suited to your requirements, or integrate it with your existing solutions.
  • Track every part and component back to its original source whilst having an entire historical trail of every change in status, location, custodian & condition.
  • Make sure all components are maintained and inspected on time. Track’em Materials will send reminders notifying you of required maintenance activities. Use the app to perform inspections in the field.
  • Control and improve your schedules by accessing up-to-date availability of materials.

Note: Please note this is the Lite version of our full Track'em platform.

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