PRISM for O365

door Trustmarque Solutions Limited

PRISM for O365 enables organisations to discover, manage and optimise O365 subscriptions.

What is PRISM for O365?

PRISM for O365 is designed to support visibility, optimisation and profiling of the Microsoft 365 suite of products. PRISM for O365 enables organisations to create Virtual Tenants within a single Tenant for a breakdown of allocation and cost, typically used for departments, business units, and other financial segmentation requirements. Built on a managed Microsoft Power BI platform, PRISM for O365 provides an accessible way for organisations to discover, manage and optimise O365 subscriptions.

PRISM for O365 Features

    • Hosted Power BI Platform
    • Actionable Insights
    • Identify and remove un-used or underutilised subscriptions
    • Identify user profiles based on usage and cost profiles
    • Track Adoption
    • Create Virtual Tenants
    • Upload own pricing (EA or CSP agreements)
    • Trend analysis
    • Immediate cost saving reports based on usage and deployment analysis

PRISM for O365 Benefits

    • Simple to deploy
    • Supports decision making
    • Eliminates unnecessary spend
    • Right-size subscriptions and reduce cost
    • Allows organisations to focus on specific technology adoption initiatives
    • Allows charge back and control of spend at business unit, department or regional level
    • View actual spend & optimisation targets
    • Know when you are approaching spend analysis
    • Instantly free up budget for other initiatives

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