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Unique FinanceGPT is a customisable platform for the financial industry

Supercharge Your Team With Unique FinanceGPT

Unique FinanceGPT is a customizable platform for the financial industry that aims to increase productivity by automating manual workload through AI and ChatGPT solutions.

Chat with Unique FinanceGPT - Unique tailors its GPT solution to your needs by connecting to your data sources like regulatory documents, client-specific information, call recordings, etc., in a compliant and secure manner. It allows you to access internal information through a chat-like interface and prompt for any specific request.

Automate Documentation & CRM Entry - Our platform will generate a summary after every client call/consultation and automatically transfer the data into your CRM. Focus on your clients and cut out manual documentation, saving 2h 20m per week (10 minutes per client call).

AI Assistance - The Unique Sidebar displays a custom call agenda as well as the transcript, key moments, and signals. After the call, you will be able to generate reports containing in-depth information about the conversation thanks to the built-in OpenAI’s GPT language model.

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