Unit4 Business World


Unit4 Business World is an integrated cloud ERP solution for people-centric organizations

Unit4 Business World enables service-centric organizations, such as professional services, higher education, public services, and not-for-profit, gain a significant advantage over their peers. Its leading-edge cloud ERP architecture facilitates faster innovation at a lower cost and with less disruption. The result is more opportunity, higher efficiency, and smarter operations.

Business World covers the full range of ERP functionality for people-centric industries: Financials, HR/payroll, procurement, projects, financial planning and enterprise asset management.

With Business World you can:

Drive growth and ambition: Business World customers gain competitive advantage by the ability to initiate transformational change faster, cheaper and with less disruption.

Gain effortless innovation: Experimentation and innovation are built into the Unit4 People Platform, the DNA of our solutions. You can easily adopt new capabilities as available.

Minimize operational and disruptive cost: The system design ensures data, process and information delivery move in lock-step. This helps avoid missing opportunities and potentially saves millions in operational disruption.

Deliver more value: Self-driving user experience reduces complexity and manual tasks so your people can focus better and faster on the things that really matter.