Valley Innovation: OPCGest for SME

door Valley Innovation, Lda

Efficient, secure, and cost-effective electric charger management in Portugal.


Digital solutions for the management eletric chargers operation at public grid at Portugal


The public eletric chargers can be managed efficiently and transparently by tenants and operators through OPCGest


We develop solutions with a pragmatic and innovative spirit as well as total contribution to social and environmental responsibility and sustainability. 

Our solutions bringing the future to you with an integration at Mobi.E.


With OPCGest each Operatior of eletric chargers connect at the public grid (at Portugal) can manage, monitoring and process each financial procedure.


Why customers use OPCGest

- Quick Installation

- Long software lifecycle

- Simplified supply chain and integration

- Saving operation costs

- A secure system

- Easy to use and customizable

System Integrator's Benefits

- Due to ready build up solutions it can save development costs and time.

- Quick and easy integration into existing infrastructure based on different kind of communication channels and protocols with ours APIs



Our solution offering is based on a 24/7/365 monitored platform, which ensures the highest availability. 

A network operator can select from a modular offering supporting a smooth and seamless integration to back office processes via APIs, and giving access to value adding Web tools for configuration, advanced monitoring and notification.

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