VeroGuard Absolute Trust Identity for Cloud Access

VeroGuard Systems Pty Ltd

Redefining Cloud Security with World's only HSM to HSM Digi ID Platform Fido2 with PIN verification

Add Absolute Trust to Azure AD with VeroCard HSM FIDO2

User identities are totally protected from vulnerabilities

VeroGuard verifies end users with every login attempt, with infinite scalability on any system, platform or device

Available now for Azure AD

​By adding Absolute Trust with VeroCard HSM (Hardware Security Module) FIDO2 protection for your Azure AD, user identities are totally protected from vulnerabilities associated with credential sharing, key logging, credential re-use, phishing and man-in-the-middle attacks. The VeroGuard Platform ensures that end users are verified with every login attempt, usernames and passwords are eliminated from use, and the single universal