Tax Analytics (SaaS)

door verovis GmbH

An algorithmic solution for handling automatically your tax related journal entries correctly.

This application is available in [english, german]


  • A large number of tax related events in a company
  • Mistakes by humans can easily happen.

  • Challenges:

  • Frequently changing legal frameworks and tax laws 
  • Complex taxation 

  • Mission:

    Our Mission is to automate and improve your quality of your tax related accounting practices with the help of artificial intelligence
  • Detect posting anomalies indicated by an anomaly score
  • Ensure the compliance of your postings with internal accounting policies
  • Tax burden optimization through proposals
  • Keeping track of accounting activities
  • Better process understating of tax management.

  • Offer Description:

  • We provide you, in form of Software as a Service (SaaS), an end-to-end solution to automatically collect, analyze and predict cash-in/out behaviour.
  • The solution is based on Azure Machine Learning for Advanced Analytics and uses Microsoft Power BI as a reporting tool.

  • Target Audience:

  • People involved in activities of CFO-Office, Controller, Accountants.

  • Why Verovis?

  • Verovis is a consulting company and Microsoft Gold Partner, specialized on Advanced Analytics for the Finance/Controlling/Accounting function.

  • Requirements

    • If the source system is SAP, access is needed with the permissions to the relevant tables
    The extraction of the tables is either conducted by verovis [SAP on Azure SAP Data Pool[ (see section "useful links") solution for fast and scalable ETL processes) with sufficient access or done by the customer itself and stored to the azure blob storage
    • A SQL database for persisting results

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