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CALL, TEXT, and EMAIL directly from your website!!

Context to Call

A new and unique customer-service oriented platform, Context to Call, is here to bring about a major change in the customer services and interactions, to help change businesses globally. It can be integrated easily with any website; it directs the users to a specific department enabling them to personalize responses to inquiries, as per their preference.

Benefits and Values

  • Smooth conversational experiences offering excellent customer journey and experience.
  • Multichannel communications, anywhere, anytime
  • Reduced problem resolution time
  • Safe and Secure – HIPPA and GDPR Compliant
  • Increase customer engagement and satisfaction
  • Short ROI timeframe with seamless customer service

Unified Communications

Make a call from ANY website Send an SMS from ANY website Send an Email from ANY website With unified SMS, Email, and Call, users can communicate and collaborate from one integrated setting, aiding in boosting productivity and customer journey.

Safe and Secure – Compliance Certified

We care for you and your personal information, as the calls and SMS placed are Twilio API based. Safely and securely, users can send an email or SMS and can place a call as we offer secure, real-time, and HIPAA-compliant unified communications services.

One Platform, Many features

It offers One-Click functionality from the website on which it is integrated with easy initiation of the preferred communication. Dynamic Dashboard is intended to offer a comprehensive summary of communications to aid business Management.

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