VoiceScript PROFix

door VoiceScript Technologies Ltd.

Multi-Person, Multi-Language, Automated Transcription and Translation

VoiceScript Technologies (VST) has created a secure, fully automated solution enabling multiperson conversations to be digitally captured, stored and transcribed into a trusted verbatim record.

Our system generates full verbatim transcripts suitable for evidentiary and compliance purposes - including embedding of indexed VIDEO, Photographs, advanced analytics, AI, External references, Sentiment Analysis and Advanced Document Assembly (on-demand).

VST captures the spoken word and meticulously transforms it into a malleable digital asset. This is accomplished automatically, accurately and available in a number of
languages. Our system is secure and ensures tamperproof results.

VST can take a multi-person conversation (for example: police interview, deposition, tribunal review, disciplinary meeting, call centre) or any other multi-person meeting event and render a fully automated transcription – complete with time indices, formatting and speaker identified tags.

All transcription data can be analysed for common themes, trends, fraud detection, collusion and sentiment. Advanced analytics can pinpoint methods to increase sales, reduce customer churn and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

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