Understanding Data through Stories

door vPhrase Analytics Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Simplifying Business Intelligence & Business Analytics through AI-Powered Insightful Stories

Phrazor, a self-service BI platform writes AI-powered stories from data in human language. Using Natural Language Generation technology, it gives the users the ability to summarize complex data into a few bullet points, highlighting key actionable insights for data-driven decision making.

What makes Phrazor unique

  • Quality of Insights: Phrazor’s machine learning and natural language generation capabilities enable business users to generate unparalleled levels of insights with actionable recommendations.

  • Self-Service: Phrazor is a truly self-service tool built for business users to accelerate time to information informed decision making. Business users can easily connect their data sources and create real-time data stories without any external assistance.

  • Augmented Analytics: Phrazor empowers business users to create BI dashboards that are simpler and easier to understand by instantly generating stories alongside visuals.

With Phrazor you can: 

  • Ask questions to your data and get answers in real-time
  • Explore patterns and hidden insights revealed in every dataset
  • Transform complex datasets into simple yet dynamic language-based narratives
  • Collaborate with your teams every step of the way
  • Use pre-built reporting templates created by industry experts

To see Phrazor live in action, sign-up for a 30-day no-obligation free trial or get in touch with a Phrazor expert at

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