Knowledge Mining Solution

door WinWire Technologies

Uncover latent insights from your content with AI-powered intelligent search

Healthcare organizations need to adopt a data-driven approach that utilizes the massive inflow of unstructured data while containing costs and automating redundant tasks. 


WinWire’s Knowledge Mining Solution is built by leveraging Azure Search, Azure Cognitive Services, and Microsoft’s Text Analytics for Health. The solution leverages a combination of AI services to understand, learn from large volumes of raw data to uncover hidden insights, and find relationships and patterns at scale. The Microsoft Azure and AI/NLP powered solution to extract information stored in different sources to deliver actionable insights and improve search & findability of health outcomes.


The solution will ingest unstructured data and enrich medical terms to ICD-100-CM and RxNorm codes. It will also provide a relationship between these medical terms so that researchers and scientists can start linking different ontologies to create patterns.


The solution will increase efficiency with actionable business insights that optimize clinical pathways, operational workflows and quality improvement using secure healthcare data.


WinWire’s Knowledge Mining Solution will help organizations to:

  1. Reduce cost of clinical research
  2. Achieve data-driven insights after content curation of structured & unstructured content
  3. HIPAA enabled service that integrates powerful Azure Cognitive Services into your applications


Key deliverables

  1. Assess and identify opportunities to automate your business processes for Knowledge mining
  2. Knowledge Mining Solution Accelerator


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