Return to Workplace Solution

door WinWire Technologies

Monitor your employee health through self-screening health solution built on the MSFT Bot framework

As the organizations seek to re-open their business and shape new operation models during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is vital to protect the health and well-being of the employees, customers, and partners.

Guidance to prepare workplaces for COVID-19 mandates employers to screen employees to reduce risk and make their organization a safe place to work. However, organizations are majorly challenged to protect employees, comply with changing government regulations, and make operations more resilient in this ongoing pandemic.

WinWire’s Return to Workplace Solution, built using Microsoft Healthcare Bot, enables organizations to self-screen and assess employees and decide whether it is safe to enter the workplace. The pre-configured multi-lingual bot solution allows employers to monitor employees through an intuitive, comprehensive dashboard to act proactively.  

WinWire’s Return to Workplace Solution will help organizations to:

  1. Perform self-screening of employees before they physically come to the office 
  2. Generates the pass to the employee and notify the manager and the concerned staff 
  3. Generate insights that will help to respond if a situation arises
  4. Control the flow of employees in the offices 
  5. Identify risk and mitigate the pandemic 


Key deliverables: 

  1. Access to monitor employees before they return to work
  2. Support employers and employees by providing accurate information on COVID-19
  3. Rapid deployment of the bot solution, so you can move fast

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