Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams

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The most powerful and user friendly Attendant Console in the market, native to Microsoft Teams

Stay Ahead Of The Curve
The Anywhere365® Attendant Console for Microsoft Teams is built to be the most user-friendly Reception Attendant Console in the market. Those who regularly handle calls will immediately notice the benefits of using the Attendant Console.

Features such as transfers, contact notes, call-back reminders, queue management and calendar integrations are easily executed. Microsoft Teams will be the only presence system you’ll need.

Modern User Interface

* The screen layout and color schemes offer a uniform, comprehensive view of all the calls, but are very easy to adjust. Calls are transferred with drag-and-drop.

Customizable Widgets

* Create your own workspace by adding and customizing your preferred widgets, such as Calendar, Contact notes and Realtime Information, including the call history.

Focus on productivity

* The Attendant Console adds crucial context and offers a number of user-friendly productivity functions, such as automatic monitoring of hook state and presence (native from Microsoft Teams).

Browser-based, Cloud hosted

* Thanks to its cloud architecture, this solution streamlines call handling from a single pane of glass. At any location and on any web-enabled device with an Internet connection.

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