Dynamics 365 Sales: 2-Day Workshop


JourneyTEAM will provide you with a 2-day workshop focusing on Dynamics 365 Sales and Business Process Mapping.

JourneyTEAM (located in Draper, Utah) will help you align your people, processes, Dynamics 365 Sales technology to achieve better business process mapping performance, and leapfrog your competition.

Workshop Details: · An open and detailed discussion on company and department needs. · Mapping out your business needs to Dynamics 365 Sales features with our JourneyMAP. · Discussion of your business process and how functionality of Dynamics 365 Sales can be used to meet requirements outlined during the business process review. · Outlining together a “Stepping Stone” roadmap plan. · A packaged “findings” deliverable document of: your process in a future state, Dynamics 365 Sales features to leverage and a suggested roadmap.

Pre-Requisite: You will need to define your current business processes and needs.

Please visit for the full agenda and additional details.

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