Building Reports in Dynamics 365: 1-Day Workshop

Plus Consulting

A hands-on training workshop designed to help you master reporting building on Dynamics 365.

A hands-on workshop for users interested in learning more about the various reporting options in Dynamics 365. We will cover the following:

CRM Charts (30 - 45 minutes)

Build CRM Charts using the native chart wizard. Review the available chart options including chart types, leveraging multiple series & categories & top/bottom rules. Additionally, learn how to take charts to the next level by modifying the underlying XML to include additional chart types & editing chart colors & labels.

Dashboards (30 - 45 minutes)

Dashboard building using charts, views, web resources, iframes & Power BI tiles. Learn about the difference between personal & system dashboards & when it is best to use one over the other.

Excel/Word Templates (1.5 hour)

Learn the difference between Excel & Word templates & when one should be used over the other. Build a simple Word & Excel template using your data. Learn best practices, limitations & all available options.

Report Wizard Reports (1 hour)

Build reports using the reporting wizard in Dynamics 365. Leverage existing reports, build a report from scratch, provide filter criteria for a report, add a report layout, include charts in reports, & organize your reports by using report categories. Learn limitations of the tool & alternatives like building a report outside CRM using SSRS & fetchXML.

Power BI (1.5 hours)

Please note that a Power BI license is required for this module. Learn about Power BI working with Dynamics 365 for Sales & Customer Service. Connect your instance of Dynamics 365 to Power BI, leverage one of the existing content packs for sales & customer service, build your own Power BI visualizations using CRM data & include Power BI charts into CRM dashboards.