Migrate InfoPath Data-New Tool and: 2-Hr Workshop

Skylite Systems

*InfoPath Inventory & Migration Tool and Consulting - Migrate InfoPath Lists & Forms Libraries to SharePoint Lists so you can use PowerApps & Flow. Offer includes Tool and two hours consulting.*

SkyLite Systems has written a new tool to inventory and migrate InfoPath Forms Libraries or Lists - on-premises or in Microsoft Office 365 - to Microsoft SharePoint Lists so you can create a Microsoft PowerApps/Flow solution. ### Agenda * Scan and inventory all InfoPath forms in SharePoint farm, site collection, or Team Site * Create a report to plan InfoPath migration to PowerApps and Flow * Create Mapping and Export/Import Data to SharePoint Lists ### Deliverables Inventory Report * Form complexity; < 50 fields – Low, 50 – 75 – Medium, 75-100 – High, More than 100 or code-behind – Very High * Count of each form * Type – Forms Library or List * Location * Last person who edited InfoPath Template * Date data was last modified in each Form Library or List * Ability to download Inventory Report as a .CSV file Schema Mapping * Schema mapping - migrate the InfoPath forms that are stored as XML files (XSD) into SharePoint List(s). Tool creates the List(s) in SharePoint * Download and save templates you create to map each Form Library as a .CSV file to re-use Migrate * Migrate item-level or List/Library permissions * Compare data type between InfoPath form with SharePoint data types. Clean up and organize data schema to match SharePoint List data types before migration * Export data from InfoPath to .CSV to clean up data prior to import Import * Import data from the cleansed .CSV file to the new SharePoint Lists using the data mapping schema created within tool * Tool migrates InfoPath attachments * Tool migrates repeating sections After all the data is migrated into SharePoint Lists with I2P Express, use PowerApps and Flow to create the new forms... **Pricing** * * Inventory only - $1,495 USD – no migration * Inventory and data migration of up to 10 forms - $2,995 USD * Inventory and data migration of up to 20 Forms - $3,995 USD * Inventory and data migration of up to 30 Forms - $4,995 USD * 31+ Forms - contact us *2 hours consulting with each purchase