HR & Payroll Manager

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Managing employees contracts and payroll calculation for Polish companies

HR & Payroll Manager is an application supporting handling of HR and payroll processes in enterprises operating in Poland. It is a comprehensive solution, compliant with legal requirements, that allows the effective management of the company’s tasks in HR and payroll area.

Extensive configuration options allow the application to be adapted to businesses of various branches (manufacturing, trading, services etc.) and scale (from dozen to several thousand employees). The distinguishing feature of our solution is a wide package of functionalities for mass data processing.

The functionality of application allows you to e.g.:

· Management of employees and contractors,

· Support for various form of employment (i.e. employment contracts, civil law contracts)

· Automatic handling of applications for social security insurance (ZUS)

· PPK (Employees’ Capital Plans) records,

· Records of the assistance and loan fund,

· Planning and recording of working time,

· Control of holiday limits,

· Record of absences,

· Records of bonuses and allowances,

· Records of mandatory and voluntary deductions (i.e. bailiff, benefits)

· Records of bills for civil law contracts,

· Payroll accounting,

· Holiday accruals calculation,

· Automatic handling of settlement declarations to the Social Security Insurance Institution (ZUS),

· Creating tax information and returns (PIT)

· Reporting on all system functionality.

The application is designed for HR specialists and Payroll officers that have to handle day to day HR processes and salary calculations.

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To learn more about capabilities of managing of employees and contracts or payroll calculation, please read the documentation on HR & Payroll Manager

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