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Create an easily accessible dashboard with links to the most important tools needed for your company

Provide your employees with all the tools they need to ensure uninterrupted work in your company.

Thanks to its ease of use and intuitive interface, any employee, regardless of their experience, can easily use the app, gaining access to the necessary information in just a few clicks.

This simple and intuitive application is designed for any company that uses Microsoft Teams. With it, you'll gather the most important links to, for example, task management, reporting technical issues, or the knowledge base in one easy-to-access place for everyone, without having to remember to give them to a new employee in the on-boarding process. Teams use the app as a central access point to any needed resources.

Typical use cases:

  • Creation of a dashboard with easily accessible links to the tools necessary for seamless working

  • Providing a set of links during the on-boarding process to facilitate integration with company processes and resources

  • The HR department will use the app to provide links to training, educational materials and other professional development resources.

  • The IT team will use the app to store links to the platform for reporting technical issues, technical documentation and other resources to assist with troubleshooting.


  • Add, edit and delete links to various tools, applications and resources

  • Organizing links and resources into logical categories and sections, making it easier to organize information

  • Direct embedding of applications in Microsoft Teams for easy access and integration with existing work tools

  • A dashboard that users can customize to their needs and preferences depending on their uploaded base

If the client is interested, we will approach the implementation individually, and at this stage such things as the name, design, etc. can already be customized for each individual client.

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